"if you are feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed with work, this course is incredible!" 

 Zoe - creative director


According to the 2020 Workplace Stress Survey, a staggering 79% of people regularly experience stress on the job.

At Mindflip we offer a no-nonsense approach to wellbeing in the workplace.
Drawing on personal experience of managing stress within a fast-paced environment with demanding deadlines, our workshops and courses are
designed to alleviate stress and improve mental-wellbeing and overall performance in the workplace.


We all experience stress to some degree within our daily lives, however too much of it can lead to anxiety, sickness and burnout. Our carefully crafted courses offer practical tools and techniques that can be deployed in the workplace from the ground up, tackling mental well-being head-on and leading to a happier, healthier workforce.


Flipping Stress
Tailored workshops designed to flip stress and build resilience, using science- backed mindfulness and breathing techniques.
*Workshop length varies depending on requirements and group size.

breathe for calm

60 minute breathing workshop offering breathing techniques to tackle
daily stress, anxiety and balance energy levels.
*Workshop length can be extended depending on requirements and group size.


breathe for life

4 week Breathwork course designed to help participants sustain a
long-term wellbeing habit.

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