"Fiona has taught me how to use the breath as a super- power. her breathwokk course has had a huge impact on my ENERGY LEVELS and mental health"

- Donna 


Most of us don’t pay attention to our breathing, yet it’s the only system of the body we have the ability to change. We take up to 24,000 breaths per day and, unless you’re breathing fully, your cells are not getting the oxygen you require for optimum health.

Breathwork is a safe and natural way to improve the efficiency of your breathing and transform the physical and mental effects on the body and mind.

The benefits of controlled breathing include:  stress relief / anxiety reduction / improved mental focus / enhanced respiratory capacity / improved metabolism and digestion / improved sleep / improved and balanced energy levels.

In short, if we breathe well, we live well.

At Mindflip
we offer a choice of personal and professional development opportunities:

4 week Breathwork course

1-2-1 Breathwork & Wellbeing sessions

Breathing workshops for groups and corporate clients

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