"I can't tell you enough how your breathwork coaching is helping me through a difficult time"





Hi, I'm Fiona - nice to meet you! 
I am a certified Breathwork Coach and Mindfulness Advocate based in East Sussex.


I am currently in training with the NHS and Sussex Partnership to deliver Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy & Stress Reduction programmes which will launch early 2021.

For many years, I had a successful career as a Television Executive, producing large-scale global productions for BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, Sky, MTV and Netflix. 

I came to mindfulness 6 years ago following a series of life-changing events. I was looking for a way to understand and make sense of how trauma and stress manifests in the mind and body.

I became very interested in the science behind mindfulness and breathwork and the positive affects it can have on the brain and mental and physical wellbeing. 
Astonished by the results of applying these practises to my daily life, I went on to research and train in a number of modalities in order to help others.


I now work with individuals and groups to deliver powerful breathwork sessions and effective mindfulness strategies for day to day life. 




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